At the Special General Meeting on the 21st June, SCMG members resolved to cancel the organisation.  Item 4 Resolution for Cancellation of South Coast Management Group was passed unanimously:

Special Resolution:

That the Executive Committee are endorsed to:
1) Cancel the South Coast Management Group Inc. Association;
2) Approve the Distribution Plan (item 3 above) for assets belonging to South Coast Management Group Inc.; and
3) Apply to the Commissioner of Consumer Protection for –
(a)approval of the Distribution Plan; and
(b)cancellation of the incorporation.

Details can be downloaded here:

20190621 SCMG Executive meeting MINUTES
(declaring SCMG solvent and recommending to cancel organisation)

20190621 SCMG asset distribution workshop notes
(workshopping draft distribution plan)

20190621 MINUTES SCMG Special General Meeting Denmark2
(resolutions on cancelling organisation and approving distribution plan)
Attachment 1: Bookkeepers Report – June 2019-compressed
Attachment 2: 20190621 South Coast Management Group Distribution Plann

20190621 Workshop Notes (after Special meeting) Future work
(ideas on how coastcare work can continue without SCMG)